DMV Values Life Specialty Plate Conclusion

Happy New Year! The final report from the DMV shows that we have sold a total of 2086 plates, but 81 were turned back in from vehicle owners who either moved out of state or discontinued their registration of their plate. The final count, therefore, of registered vehicles with the Values Life specialty plate is 2005 as of midnight December 31, 2019.

They are officially discontinued, which means that these plates will no longer be available for anyone who wants to purchase one in the future. 

We want to express a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have these plates and to let you know that you can keep them active. Please note that if you let your plate go 30 days past due, you will be required to surrender. 

Your plate will also hold significant future value as a commemorative plate, especially since it is the first pro-life plate ever issued by the state of Nevada!

We also want to thank the individuals, churches and organizations who came alongside us to help get the word out to our community. We have been so blessed to see your passion and your great effort to assist in every possible way! We know that our Creator is blessed even more by the way your heart responded to this opportunity to glorify Him. To us, that is where the victory lies! You and your actions are why we are able to rejoice this day, knowing that there is a great remnant who God will continue to reflect His love through and shine His light on our Nevada communities.



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