Prolife Mega Clinic Franchise

TOGETHER, we CAN End the DEMAND for abortion in our nation once and for all and unite our voice IN ACTION to Proclaim a Culture of Life in the United State of America!

There are 800,000 surgical abortions every year in America. If we are able to plant a minimum of 800 high performing pro-life mega clinics in strategic locations across our nation that average an outcome of at least 1,000 lives saved each year, we could eliminate surgical abortion in our Nation.                       800 X 1,000=800,000

Imagine every community across our nation having a pro-life, pregnancy resource Mega Clinic that saves a minimum of 1,000 lives annually! Where prolife organizations and sidewalk counselors can have a resource to support the women who they minister life to. Where churches can have a local mission field to answer their mandate to protect the most innocent among us and to actively minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to pregnant women.

A faith-based, not for profit franchised Mega Clinic opportunity is now being rolled out when the need to strengthen the pregnancy center movement is more relevant than ever. If enough funding is raised by the end of this year, the offering will be available by the first quarter of 2023!


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